Fokker DVII

Early Fokker



9/4/04 -
Fokker (early) Jasta 10

\8/22/04 - OAW (late)

8/20/04 - Engine revisions to change it from a Albatros DVa installation, into a Fokker DVII installation

8/16/04 - quick comp to see how it merges with a background.
and my first attempt at the Fokker "Streaky" camo scheme.

8/14/04 - Added The basic fuselage framework using a dimensioned drawing created by Achim Engel.
This internal view is not nearly complete, but it does have most of the major assemblies.
The Engine and guns were a direct steal from the DVa.
Evereything else is as per the Eduard model (external surfaces, cockpit details, LG struts)

All thing being considered, i'd say everything lined up pretty well.

8/10/04 - Rendered out a couple of test shots
All the large external surfaces have been re-modled, except the fron/top cowling which still needs to be done.
Texture maps are looking ok so
, but. I'll take another pass at it.
Still not sure about the exact color of the loz pattern - but the ground shot shows the latest version.

CAD model of a 1/48th Scale Plastic Kit by Eduard

This 3D model was generated by a team of designers at Eduard using Unigrafics CAD software.
They saved the model in IGES format and mailed it to me on CD.
and much to my surprise - it imported almost perfectly!
There are some surfaces missing and some small corruptions - but I'd say this is the cleanest transfer from one application to another I've ever seen.

As you can see this is a 3D model of a 1.48th scale model kit.
and Eduard will use this model to generate the tooling for the kit
I now want to use this as a basis to generate my own 3D model similiar to the others I have done.
This will entail deleting all of the kit specific geometry which will decrease the file size tremendously becuase they have modeled the inside and outside of every plastic part.
They have also modeled all the surface detail, this was obviously neccessary for the purpose of creating tooling, but it is not optimal for making illustrations.
This means I will have to remodel most of the major external surfaces so that the small surface detail is handled by a bump map - and most impotantly so that I can apply a map to the entire surface.
But, this should be a relatively easy task considering they have already figured out where everything goes.

The fact that i'm using an engineering tool FINALY pays off :-D
Should be fun :-)

This is the original Eduard file
All I did was to universaly apply a texture map to give the surfaces a little grit.

Top Wing Modeling
This is how I extracted the data I needed to model the top wing.
The rest of the modeling on this project will follow a similiar process.

Original model - each bay is an individual surface

Re-modeled version to allow texture mapping

Fuselage Modeling - before and after

All Images Property of and Copyright by Mark Miller and Eduard Model Accessories ltd., 2004