Albatros DVa References

Here is some data recently sent to me by Frank Garove

Frank writes:
The drawings ... "were originally made when the NASM was restoring their DVa and I have made corrections and updates over the years. I was a volunteer tour guide at the Paul E. Garber Facility in Silver Hill while the D7161/17 was being worked on so I had a lot of opportunity to use my tape measure, note pad and camera. I have several hundred photos and dozens of part tracings, dimensioned sketches and notes. I have sent many copies of my notes and photos to many WW I buffs interested in building models and replicas."

If you examin this material you will notice that it indicates that the DVa had a floor.
This is new information to me so I will have to go back in and add it to the model eventualy.
thanks for the input Frank

Albatros D.Va German fighter of World War 1 Smithsonian Institute Press - Written by Bob Mikesh, Illustrations by Bob Waugh
The ultimate reference for structural information on this aircraft. In fact, I'm so impressed by this book I would call it the best single reference I ever seen. Unfortunately long out of print.

Scale Aircraft Drawings, Volume 1 - WW1, Air Age Inc. - Drawings by William Wylam
The Wylam drawings of the Mercedes engine in this book are pretty accurate and I used them as the primary reference for my model. but stay away from the drawings of the Albatros DVa aircraft which are also found here. The drawings are very well done and very convincing, but unfortunately bears little resemblance to the Albatros DVa. In fact be very careful when using any Wylam drawings as reference - they tend to be fictional

Color Profiles of World War 1 Combat Profiles, Crescent Books
This one was given to me by a High School Girlfriend in the Mid 70s - Data is suspect because of it's age, but it is still a favorite. More extensive specs than I found elswhere

Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War 1, Military Press
A General history - not to much info on any one plane, but a lot of material and some of it's pretty obscure

Albatros Fighters in action, Squadron signal publications by John F. Conners, Illustrations by Don Greer.
hmmm - well, some very nice photos :-)

Albatros Aces of World War 1, Osprey Publishing, by Norman Franks
This book focuses more on history and aces so there is very little structural information. Does have some very nice color plates depicting various paint schemes.

WW1 Aero No 128, May 1990
a lot of archival photos, some of the B. Waugh plans and a plan of the radiator

WW1 Aero No 156, May 1997
plan of the control stick and associated fitting for the D3 (mostly the same for DVa)

Color Profiles by Bob Pearson

Engine Photos by Ernest Thomas- the inspection plate on the upper crankcase housing was stolen directly from one of Ernest's photos- cropped, skewed, filtered (to get rid of all that jpeg noise) and mapped in place

for a more complete set of references got to The Great Albatros Cookup Site