and Misc. Preliminary work

Here's some stuff I've been working on. Most of the work on this page was generated using Corel Draw or Adobe Illustartor. I must admit that I have a preference for Corel. This is primarily due to the fact that I've been PC based for many years and Corel was traditionaly a pc friendly product where adobe was better on the Mac. Generaly speaking these files were generated with the purpose of eventualy translating them into a CAD application to generate a 3-D model.

Nieport 17
These are 2-D images generated in Corel Draw. The first step to making a 3-d model is to input the plan views using a 2-D draw application. Once all the plans and cross sections are in you can export the data into the 3-D application. The nieuport has always been a personal favorite and I think will be the subject of my next CAD model.

I've done a considerable amount of work on a P51D CAD model. I have focused exclusivly on the external surfaces. This is in itself a daunting task in that the surfaces of planes from this period are very complicated. A WW2 era fighter plane like the P51D is FAR more complicated than anything produced in WW1, and to generate a model to the level of detail of the Albatros would be quite an undertaking. I can't help but think what beautiful rendering could be generated with a complete structural model.
Anyone know wjere I can find some plans for a Merlin?

the F4 is another personal favorite. Luckily I was requested at work to generate the nose area of an RF4c because we were proposing to install a new recconaisance camera the DB110 we developed. The image on the right shows a simplified view of the installation. If you look at the page where I show my proffesional work you will see a variety of pod installations for the same camera. Personall, I was surprised that this plane was still operational in any role , but I guess it's not to surprising considering the B52 is still operational.
I would like to generte a full 3-d model - one of these days

Old and unfinished