Phantom Views (UK variant)

Phantom Views (French variant)

RNAS Squad 6
N17 Bis

WIP Images


Preliminary external view.
Internals are mainly complete - finishing off the external details.
still need to model the Lewis MG and installation hardware for the French and British versions.
Also would like to add detail to the windscreen if I can find the refs.

The in flight image is just a test to see how it integrates into a background
The markings are wrong - British national markings with French personal insignia.
This version with the vickers machine gun is french.

Preliminary structural view.
still need to model the Lewis MG and installation hardware for the French and British versions
also a long list of details that were ignored until now.
But, all the major internal parts are complete so you can at least see what it looks like.

Lower wing and V-strut (WIP)

Top wing complete

Top wing almost complete

Just about done with the fuse details

1500 Pixels image

1500 Pixels image

Ran this render to see how it looks with more of the components turned on.
I will have to work on the clarity.

Here's a first pass at the plumbing
All the small lines appear to have a joint somewhere along there length that is connected with a sleeve that looks dull black and kind of "rubbery" - and then clamps on either end.
I've seen a variety of clamps used - not sure which one is most typical.

That gas tank needs to be modified as the reflective surface is killing the depth
And I had to shine a light up into this area as it is pretty dark down here under the tank.
sort of a virtual flashlight - you can see the edges of the light.

Callout legend
1 Gas overflow pipe - I believe there should also be an overflow pipe coming from the carb
there is a white line on the image that indicates where the connection is - in some photos it looks like they just merged the two overflow lines together then ran them out the bottom of the AC
2 Oil - from tank to pump
3 Gas - from tank to regulator
4 two lines from the "sight feed lubricator"
5 Gas - regulator to carb
6 cable from fuel pump to tach

- Where do the two lines from the sight feed lubricator go?

- How does the oil get from the pump to the engine?
Here's a section of a drawing from "the LeRhone Handbook" which shows a part (shaded red below) which they label "oil inlet" .The area depicted in the plan is shown in the closeup below.
Problem is, I have seen photos that show this area and I don't see anything that looks like this.
Also have no idea where the oil line attaches to the pump.

- How does the spark get from the mag to the plugs?
There are two feed-through spots on the firewall (see close up above) that look to be in a likely location to allow a spark to pass throuugh some kind of brush set up, and to then pass through the wires, up to the plugs - timed by engine rotation. But, this is just guesswork - I can't tell what lines go through either of these holes - also no idea where the line is coming off the mag.

so, if anybody can help me out with some of these issues I would appreciate it.
I think there are probably more lines that I haven't addressed yet.
Best refs for plumbing is on Philippe's site

Windsock Datafile 20, Nieuport 17, and the datafile special V1
Hardesty Drawings - Plans drawn by Bergen F. Hardesty in 1961, Very nice work, and surprisingly accurate.
Machi blueprints - 11 x 17 reprints of blueprints for the Machi Nieport 17 which was Almost identical to the French version.

On line refs:
Philippe's Models - has an excelent set of photos taken at various stages during the restoration of the Nieport 23 at the Royal Army Museum, Brussels, Belgium by Frédéric Liefferinck
The Nieuport Pages - Mike Flecher has 3 drawings on this page which I used as the primary reference for my model.